Frequently Asked Questions

What is your address?

We are located at 230 Vanguard St, Nelson.

What are your office hours?

We are open from 8am to 7pm daily.  If there is no-one in reception during these hours or for an after hours emergency, please push the pager button for assistance.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Eftpos, Mastercard & Visa.  There is a 2% surcharge on all payments made with a Mastercard or Visa.

Do I need to pre-book a unit, cabin or site?

We suggest that you do, to avoid disappointment on arrival as we may not be able to accommodate you otherwise.

Can I make an online booking?

Absolutely. Click here to make an online booking.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes.  In order for us to secure your booking a one night deposit is required at the time of booking.

Is paying my deposit over the phone secure?

Absolutely it is. We use a totally secure payment system.

Can I pay my booking off with a payment plan?

Yes you can. When you make an online booking with a minimum value of $200 and your arrival date is more than 14 days away you will be given the option of a payment plan.  Just follow the easy steps to make this happen.

What is your cancellation policy? 

Click here to see our cancellation policy.

What is your age range for children?

Our child age range is from 2 years to 14 years inclusive. There is no charge for toddlers under the age of 2.

Is parking included?

Yes, we provide free parking. We allow one car park per unit or cabin. Additional vehicles will need to be parked out on Vanguard St.

Please let us know prior to arrival if you have a trailer. We have a very limited amount of space & will do our very best to accommodate your specific needs.

Can I rent a caravan/campervan or tent from you?

No, we don’t offer caravans/campervans or tents for rent. You need to supply your own.

I have a sleeper van but I don’t need power – can I park on a non-powered tent site?

Unfortunately, no. Our tent sites are small and are only suitable for tents.

Can I rent a power lead from you for my caravan or campervan?

No sorry, you need to supply your own power lead.

Can I put my tent on a powered site?

Unfortunately not. Our powered sites are gravel based and are not suitable for tents.

I’m travelling on my own, can I get a cabin or site for half price?

Sorry, no. Our base rates are for 1-2 people.

I’ve booked a cabin, do I need to supply my own bedding?

No you don’t. All the beds in all of our accommodation options are made up. You do however need to supply your own towels in the Kitchen Cabins & Standard Cabins.  We do hire towels for an extra cost of $2 each. This can be arranged on arrival, or beforehand if you let us know.

What languages are spoken at reception?

Currently all our of team speak Kiwi English 😉

What should I do if I am arriving after hours?

Let the team know if you are planning on arriving after hours so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

What time is check in and check out?

Check in is anytime after 2pm on your scheduled day of arrival. Check out is before 10am on the day of departure.

Can I check in early?

This really depends on how busy we were the night before, and how quickly we can get through the daily cleaning. The best thing to do is contact us the day before arrival and speak to one of the team to see if this is a possible option. Sorry, there are no guarantees.

Do you offer late checkouts?

This will really depend on how busy we are. Again, the best thing to do is talk to one of the team on your arrival to see if this is an option. Sorry, there are no guarantees.

Do you have a boom gate?

No we don’t.  You can enter or leave the park as you wish (we don’t lock the gates). We just ask that you are considerate of your fellow campers.

How much do showers cost?

There is no extra charge for our showers, and they have no timers. We just ask that you are considerate of your fellow campers and keep shower times to a minimum.

What time do the communal facilities close?

We don’t lock our communal facilities, so there is 24 hour access to them.

Do you have a communal laundry?

Yes we do. Our machines take $1 & $2 coins. Coins can be exchanged in reception. The laundry is open 24 hours.

Do you provide cooking or eating utensils in your communal kitchen?

No we don’t. Guests need to provide their own cooking & eating utensils. We do provide ovens, hot plates, a microwave, a communal fridge & jugs for hot water.

Is the tap water safe to drink?

Our drinking water is on ‘town supply’ and is nice to drink.

Can I buy bread & milk from reception?

No, we don’t sell bread or milk. We do sell ice creams at reception and there is a Coke Vending Machine located in the BBQ area.

Can I bring my dog?

Pets are only allowed during certain times of the year and only with the express permission from the Managers. We don’t allow pets into our accommodation or facilities.  Arrangement for bringing a pet into the Holiday Park must be made prior to arrival. A “Pet Policy” form will need to be completed & signed on arrival.

A $250 fee will be applied if evidence of any animals are found either in our accommodation or communal facilities. We recommend reading our full Pet Policy before you arrive.

How much is the WiFi?

We provide free & unlimited WiFi for our TOP 10 Members, and 5GB per device per 24 hours for non TOP 10 Members.  Please collect the WiFi access code on arrival.

Do you offer long term accommodation?

No we don’t. We offer accommodation and sites to the travelling public on a nightly basis.

Can you store my luggage?

We can store a small amount of luggage for a short period of time only. Talk to one of the team during your stay.

Can you store my car, caravan or campervan?

We are a small holiday park with a very limited amount of space so it really depends on the time of year. Ask the managers who will assess this on a case by case scenario.  

What is your noise policy?

We expect guests to be considerate of their fellow guests and to keep noise to an absolute minimum between 10pm- 7am.  This includes noise from vehicles, motor bikes, music and talking.

What should I do if there is a disturbance within the holiday park?

Please use our after hours pager button to alert the managers on duty of the disturbance at the time it is occurring.  It is very difficult for us to address the situation in the morning or after the fact.

What should I do if there is a medical emergency or another type of emergency?

If you or someone is having a medical emergency, call 111 and notify management of the situation. We are located at 230 Vanguard St, Nelson.

If another type of emergency is occurring, call 111 and select FIRE or POLICE.  Again, please notify management of the situation at the time.

How much discount do I get with a TOP 10 Club Card?

The TOP 10 Club Card gives you a 10% discount to a maximum of $40 per park per stay.

For more information on the TOP 10 Club Card, visit the official TOP 10 website.

Where is the closest supermarket?

New World is located 73 Vanguard St.  Turn left out of the Holiday Park and travel 1.3km.  You will find it on your right hand side.

Are there any restaurants close by?

Absolutely! There is a large selection of local eateries offering varying food types. Talk to one of the team for a local recommendation.

Can I swim at the local beach?

Yes you can. Tahuna is the closest beach to us (approx 6.5kms). For up to date swimming information, click here.

Can I walk into town?

Yes you can. The town centre is a flat, easy 2.5 km or 20 minute walk from the Holiday Park (approximately).

Is there public transport available?

Unfortunately not, however we are happy to call you a taxi if required.  

We do offer electric scooter hire, which is a great way to get around Nelson. Talk to one of the team about hiring a scooter.

How far away is the Airport?

The fastest route to or from the airport is approximately 7km or 15 minutes, however the time to travel this distance can vary greatly depending on the time of day & traffic.